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Where to eat during the holidays?

This is a question we all ask ourselves occasionally: where will I eat tomorrow night or in a few weeks? The answer varies according to a very large number of criteria of experience and style preferences, hearsay, criticism of manuals and critical remarks of all kinds and, of course, the ease of the portfolio, far from being obvious. More informations : . When planning your trip, discover the favourite restaurants of previous travellers, their local specialities and average rates. Visit the tripadvisor website or travel forums and check out the comments left by customers. These sites give you an idea of the institutions.

How to choose a restaurant

Every gourmet will tell you that an orderly, clean and simple menu will be the manifestation of the kitchen. This menu contains various information that can help you distinguish between "good" and "bad" restaurants: avoid extension cards translated into six languages, as well as photographs of meals and tourist selections. Stickers that are frozen, plasticised and yellowed on cards or scratches on past prices are signs of a "poor" restaurant. Prefer simple and ephemeral cards composed on slates where you can discover the dishes of the day. Before your restaurant is definitively chosen by you, see it from the outside. Evaluate the furniture before and inside / outside which must be clean and in good condition. What about customer tables. Or even extremely useful to get a concept of the cuisine proposed by the restaurant. How to create a restaurant concept? For more information, contact professionals.

The buffet at will: a family restaurant

During family holidays, you can eat with the buffet at will in the restaurant. In fact, their dish can be chosen by customers according to their desires. For your hunger, it is probably without paying extra for food. The cost of buffets is much lower than that of a restaurant offering an à la carte menu. The main objective is therefore to save money without depriving yourself.