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Learn more about industrial construction

An industrial construction is a building structure used as a shelter and for storing products. It is also said to be a place of industrial and commercial action used by a store to produce or exchange products and services for professional and private customers. More informations : . The location, design / development inside / outside and the surface - as an equipment - of this industrial construction are decisive according to the action and needs of the company.

What is reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete is based on a mixture of concrete and metal reinforcement. Reinforced concrete is a building material that combines steel and concrete bars. Its tensile strength is low although used alone, concrete can withstand compressive forces. Make up for this deficiency. Reinforced concrete is used in retaining walls and beams, slabs, sails, bases and hulls. In addition, the use of metal reinforcement will simplify the tensile strength of concrete. That is why concrete will be used by houses. Reinforced concrete can be used for slabs or foundations, as shown by this method of laying a garage slab.

Repair of a concrete structure

The durability of a structure is linked to many factors: its own environment, the quality of its design, the choice of its structure, its materials, its maintenance and its operation. Changing its use may require: fixed work or psychologist according to a precise identification, the solution will lead to a compromise between technique, time and cost. The objective of crack repair in concrete is to restore and increase the rigidity and strength of cracked elements. Discover more informations about : composite pipe repair. This helps to improve the functional performance of the structural element and prevent liquid / water penetration, i. e. leakage. This helps to improve the overall appearance and durability of the surface. Fracture treatment will also help prevent the growth of corrosion.