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Buying a house

The purchase of programs is an option that allows you to enjoy spaces that are truly adapted to your needs. In addition, you are guaranteed to buy a home that meets the latest energy standards. Even if it takes a few months, even several years, between booking and handing over the keys, the purchase of a new apartment is also quite reassuring. Defining your budget for buying a new home is easier than when you buy an old one. More informations : . To encourage investment in new housing, the State has set up various programmes, such as the interest-free loan (PTZ) or the Pinel strategy, if your property is intended for rental. Depending on your resources and the location of the application, they may let you finance part of your business.

A rental real estate investment

A rental property investment consists of buying a property for rent, building an estate, obtaining additional income. In the context of specific tax exemptions, such as the Pinel regime in France, rental property investment makes it possible to reduce taxes. The house can be new or old. Whether it is an apartment, a house, but also a cellar, a car park, a commercial space or a building with many lots. The purchased property can be empty (and then rented) or marketed with the tenant, which provides a direct view of its rental altitude. In most cases, the purchase of the property is created on credit, and the rents collected make it possible to refund a portion of the monthly premiums.

The choice of your property

Do not imply your impact on the choice of your property. In reality, it will not be your main residence and too much psychology could force you to lose sight of your main objective: the search for an enriching investment. Once you have chosen your property without the impact, you can multiply your chances that the property will please others and that it will be easier to locate a buyer... The property must be commendable! Don't neglect your objective: don't buy in a crisis zone under the pretext of attractive rates! Go on site before buying to find out the location of this house and the surrounding amenities!